changing the way HR is done

our mission

Our vision is “to change the way HR is done” and we are achieving this by challenging the status quo of HR service delivery. Growing organisations cannot always afford a complex and/or expensive HR department, however, they have people and therefore, they need assistance. Our mission is simple, we provide our clients with a fully outsourced HR department that supports the achievement of their strategic goals and a ‘top-up’ of their existing internal HR capability, or we can provide an entire end-to end service model covering all 8 functional areas of HR – it’s up to you.


Every business owner or leader needs to be able to effectively ‘lead’ their organisation, department or function section.

Part of this process is ensuring that leaders are equipped with the HR systems, support and knowledge (or access to it) to ensure they get the best out of their people.

From fundamentals like position descriptions and employee handbooks, through to remuneration strategies, incentive or employee share schemes and workforce planning, the performHR team of pragmatic HR specialists can work with you to determine the HR infrastructure needed to empower your leaders.


Organisations that are striving to grow their business in a sustainable manner need the right people and strategies to support that goal.

This includes developing and implementing a plan for sourcing the right talent, retaining and inspiring your people and ensuring employees understand the expectations of their position.

At performHR, we take the time to ensure we understand our clients’ strategic goals as we know it’s critical that the HR and people strategy supports the overall business strategy. Skilling leaders to lead and looking at ways to do things more efficiently through the use of cloud-based technology, are just some of the solutions we bring to the table.


The legislative HR landscape that organisations must operate within can be complex and confusing.

When organisations get this area wrong, it can be costly in terms of time, dollars and reputational risk. As a function, a business needs to ensure they are doing everything correctly and that their processes and policies support their risk profile.

Our goal is to ensure our clients feel a peace of mind, knowing that the performHR team is taking care of their HR, Industrial Relations and WHS compliance areas.

We thrive on coming up with the most pragmatic solutions that are compliant, whilst supporting the cultural and strategic objectives of the business.