HR Coaching is the process of directing, instructing and training a person, to help them achieve their goals or develop specific HR skills.

HR Mentoring describes the personal development relationship, where a more experienced and knowledgeable HR practitioner can help and guide a less experienced or newly appointed professional.

Our process of HR Coaching and Mentoring begins with a review of training needs. From this a 12-month development plan is created and tailored to suit your individual requirements. HR Mentoring and Coaching is suitable for junior HR managers, newly appointed HR directors and other roles with HR responsibilities.

Why use HR Coaching and Mentoring Services?

Attract, motivate and retain: By developing staff skills you can motivate existing employees, appeal to new applicants and retain your valued HR resources.

Reduce costs: Why waste money on unnecessary training courses, or additional staffing costs, when you can develop the skills you need with expert guidance and support from performHR?

Increase effectiveness: Improve the efficiency of your organisation by equipping your staff to address HR-related projects quickly and effectively.

Be part of a team: Work with a mentor and a network of likeminded HR professionals to test new ideas and share experiences collaboratively.

Achieve more: Increasing in-house HR expertise with support from HR mentors enables your organisation to independently complete new projects, review HR practices and achieve more for your business.

Our HR Coaching and Mentoring Services include:

  • Individual training needs analysis and assessment of current skills-base
  • Tailored personal development plans aimed to develop specific expertise
  • Training options to suit your learning style
  • On-hand support and encouragement from HR experts
  • Professional networking opportunities

The solution is simple: tell us what HR support you need and we will create an individual service package for you. For the knowledge and expertise at a fraction of the cost, call us on 1300 40 60 05 or email