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We are focused on providing our clients with the tailored HR strategies that they need to be able to lead, grow and protect their organisations


Developing a long-term view of workforce needs can be the internal difference between success or failure of organisational culture.

Workforce planning aligns the needs of the organisation with the staffing requirements necessary to deliver organisational objectives, now and into the future.

It enables the implementation of effective workforce development strategies, to ensure the future success of the organisation, and access to (and retention of) suitable talent.

Workforce planning also enables organisations’ to improve morale, increase motivation and create a ‘safeguard’ against unforeseen changes to human capital.

At performHR we have extensive experience in delivering workforce planning services, including:

  • Employee Value Propositions (EVPs)
  • Remuneration reviews, pay & reward strategies
  • Job design (including position descriptions)
  • Job sizing
  • Workforce planning strategies (including succession planning)

Finding the right staff should always be about more than ‘on-paper’ quaifications and should take into consideration how new employees would fit within the established organisational culture. Formal recruitment processes and programs ensure organisations attract and appoint the right people.

Following the recruitment of new employees, effective onboarding processes enable them to become integrated members of the team, with clear understanding and direction on how to do their job and how their role fits into the organisational structure and contributes to the strategic plan. It is about setting the standard for performance, attitude and organisational commitment from the begining.

The performHR team can assist with:

  • Recruitment systems and tools
  • Induction programs and tools
  • Recruitment administration support
  • Generalist recruitment
  • On-boarding advice and support
  • Outplacement support

Like taxation, paying people is something that no business can exclude from their operations. It is, in essence, an employee expectation (and rightly so), to be paid: the correct amount, at the correct time, in the correct way. Simple in theory? Yes. Simple in practice? Often not.

We have lost count of the number of times we have been asked if we will consider supporting a company’s payroll system - in other words, like we do with our ironing, most employers’ solution is to “just outsource it”. What we have come to appreciate, is that payroll is not becoming any less complex - the risk of conducting payroll within a business is rising, as a result of the changes in Award interpretation, and the cost of auditing. After listening to what our clients were looking for (and hearing that they could not find it without sacrificing something on their wish-list), we have designed a payroll service that provides both the support they are used to with being a performHR client, and a secure, timely, and flexible payroll solution.

The service is tailored to your specific business needs and includes many options, such as: history retention from legacy systems, superannuation calculation and distribution, payment summaries, self- service access for employees and managers, customised reporting, legislative compliance and professionalism. Moreover, we understand that some clients would like to fully outsource their payroll, while others wish to retain some elements associated with it.

At performHR our tailored approach enables us to provide each client with the support suited to their operational needs, as well as the motivations for outsourcing. We take the time to understand what your objective is in outsourcing your payroll function, to ensure your requirements are accurately scoped to form the right tailored solution for your business, including: 

Support and Delivery – our client’s have their own dedicated relationship manager to ensure that any questions or concerns are promptly addressed. Using the dedicated email address provided or our 1300 number, we ensure that all queries are acknowledged and resolved within agreed timeframes.

Understanding Your Business - We invest time in truly understanding your business and its’ payroll outsourcing requirements…Spending time upfront to scope your requirements ensures our service effectively meets your needs.

Pricing and Quality – We provide tailored payroll solutions to those clients who want to reduce the risk of non-compliance and/or the risk associated with payroll knowledge sitting with one internal person. We price our services on a client-by-client basis, taking into account the level of support and inclusions requested; always ensuring transparency of implementation and ongoing service fees.

The management of HR has come a long way in recent years, with the introduction of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), generally cloud-based computer software, now used to manage the HR functions of an organisation.

These programs limit the costs of meeting HR needs and decrease the risks associated with ‘human-error’. They have the capability to maintain employment records, centralise HR and WHS management, collect and report quantitative information surrounding the organisations’ staffing, performance management, benefits, training and WHS management.

The performHR team has extensive experience in the provision of the following services:

  • Set-up and implementation of HRIS
  • Administration and management of HRIS
  • Access to HRIS partner dashboard
  • HRIS system training for managers and employees
  • Set-up and implementation of Performance Appraisal system
  • Administration and management of Performance Appraisal system
  • Performance Appraisal system training for managers and employees
  • Ad hoc advice to internal system administrator

Creating a safe workplace has never been more important and recently there has been an obvious shift away from top-down management of WHS, to a focus on creating a culture where employees take ownership and pride in working towards a safe workplace.

From an organisational perspective adoption of, and compliance with, the WHS laws, regulations, and codes of practice, can facilitate the continual improvement of WHS outcomes for all workplace stakeholders.

Through effectively complying with legislation, and managing hazards and risks to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries, employers can provide and maintain a healthy and safe work environment for all individuals in the workplace.

To encourage organisations to embrace a safe workplace culture, performHR can assist with:

  • WHS Audits
  • WHS Management Systems
  • WHS Policies and Procedures and related documentation
  • Risk Assessments
  • WHS training
  • Bullying and Harassment training
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) advice
  • Generalist WHS advice and support

Effective performance management should always focus on finding a balance between individual objectives, needs and wants, and how these tie into strategic business objectives.

Each employees skills, competencies, and learning and development plans should be aligned to the overall organisational strategic plan, to support and facilitate the achievement of the organisational goals. Management of this alignment and individual objectives is critical in ensuring overall organisational performance.

Formal performance appraisals then enable the systematic and periodic review of individual’s job performance, productivity and development in relation to the pre-established objectives. Appraisals can identify strengths, weaknesses and potential for further development, as well as facilitate communication between employees and management, increasing employee focus and motivation, reinforcing goal-setting and commitment to organisational objectives, improved performance, and identification of training needs.

performHR is passionate about effective performance management and can assist with:

  • Performance appraisal programs (including online systems)
  • 360 feedback systems
  • KPI and objective definition
  • Mentoring and coaching strategies and programs
  • Facilitation of performance management meetings
  • Performance improvement plans (PIP)
  • Performance management documentation
  • Specialist performance management advice and support

Maintaining constructive employer-employee relationships enables organisations to continually improve by creating open communication channels and developing a culture that can pre-empt work-place issues.

It can also increase moral and productivity, having a positive impact on the long-term success of an organisation. Sometimes negative situations will still occur, however, effective employee relations can often mitigate risks and collateral within the workplace.

The performHR team can assist with:

  • Award interpretation and alignment
  • Enterprise Agreements (EA)
  • Union negotiations and consultations
  • Position Descriptions
  • Employment Contracts (& IFA’s)
  • Independent Contractor Agreements (ICA)
  • HR Policies and Procedures (including business / industry specific policies)
  • Workplace investigations (including Reportable Conduct)
  • Conflict resolution support (including mediation)
  • Fair Work representation
  • Unfair/Unlawful Dismissal
  • Bullying & Harassment Complaints
  • Wages claims
  • Discriminations (ADC/HREOC) representation
  • Assistance with resolution of matters
  • Employer-employee correspondence letters
  • Disciplinary advice and support
  • Termination advice and support
  • Redundancy process advice and support
  • Transfer of Business advice and support
  • Specialist employee relations advice
  • Support concerning legislative compliance (including the Fair Work Act and Privacy Act)
  • Complaints & Grievance Management
  • All aspects of industrial relations advice

The vast majority of employees appreciate when an organisation strives to provide them with access to continuous learning and education. Learning and development activities should be supportive of strategic objective achievement, whilst also facilitating an environment of belonging and commitment for employees.

Investing in the future of the organisation through upskilling existing employees can increase organisational performance as well as encourage a team environment for success and individual motivation,

Passionate about L&D activities, performHR can provide the following services:

  • L&D Management toolkits (including Training Registers)
  • L&D activities and training programs (including tailored programs)
  • Team building events
  • Mentoring and coaching strategies and programs
  • KPI and objective definition

The key to successful businesses is almost always the development of a robust strategic plan that is then effectively implemented and monitored by all sections of an organisation.

A systematic and ongoing process of alignment and development is required in order to facilitate the achievement of identified organisational objectives and this is undertaken as part of Organisation Development (OD).

OD is focused on increasing an organisations efficiency and effectiveness in achieving goals and is vital in improving the balance between service delivery and robust margins, profitable delivery on the organisations’ value proposition and conveying to employees’ the importance and relevance of the organisations’ strategic purpose and goals.

OD services performHR can provide include:

  • Organisational charts
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Values alignment and definition
  • Employee Value Propositions (EVP)
  • Engagement Surveys and action plans
  • Talent Management strategies and programs
  • Change Management strategies and programs
  • Restructures and culture change advice and support
  • Strategic HR advice and support
  • Risk Management
  • Equal Opportunity Review & Reporting
  • Organisational compliance