HR Compliance Check

What is it?

Our HR Compliance check is relevant for organisations at any stage, particularly where there has been significant internal or external legislative change. We recommend it forms part of an organisation’s governance or quality approach.

How does it work?

Our HR Compliance check offers peace of mind in knowing that you are complying with the appropriate laws, regulations, standards and ethical practices. We understand that in business, compliance requirements can be difficult to understand and achieve.

Our HR Compliance Check has been designed to simplify the compliance process and remove uncertainty, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Our team accurately assesses your level of HR compliance, and then we create a detailed report of recommendations to ensure your organisation is holistically meeting compliance requirements.

Where you have compliance gaps, our team can assist you to make decisions around best options to navigate these, looking for commercially pragmatic best-fit options.

Whats the benefit

  • Peace of mind
  • Cost effective options to ensure compliance
  • Provides visibility that is often lacking for business leaders
  • Regular HR compliance checks reduces the ‘surprise’ factor
  • Outlines key people risk (culturally and legislatively)

Perfect For:

  • When Business Leaders have previously had a complaint with regards to pay and conditions made against them (this could be internal or an external Fair Work complaint)
  • When there has been a change in the Australian legislative environment
  • When a business is operating with (or unsure if they are) outdated documentation and payroll procedures
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