HR Healthcheck

What is it?

The performHR Healthcheck gives you full visibility into your business’s current HR structure and performance, its suitability to support, and deliver on, your organisation’s vision, and a practical strategy to facilitate change.

How does it work?

The performHR Healthcheck is a seamless four-step process.


Our team conducts a desktop audit of your current systems, tools and processes, reviews your HR documentation and analyses employee data.


We interview your key leaders and representatives about your HR process and organisational culture.

Analysis and recommendations

We analyse the information, make recommendations, and in consultation with you design a custom-built solution that will help your HR function deliver on your business objectives.

Debrief and collaboration

The performHR team will present a roadmap strategy to you and your key stakeholders for your HR function over the next 12 months, and provide feedback on the current state of play.

What’s the benefit?

The performHR Healthcheck gives you real insight from which to make HR resourcing and strategy decisions. The process highlights how HR is supporting – or not supporting – your business to achieve its strategy, and gives you the tools and knowledge to optimise it.

Together with a culture audit, the performHR Healthcheck provides business leaders with qualitative and quantitative. Information for boards and executives to fully understand the current state of your HR function, and supports business leaders with the knowledge to make informed decisions about how they resource their HR function in a commercially astute way.

Perfect For:

  • Businesses that are going through, or have recently gone through, significant growth.
  • Organisations that have recently had a change of leadership.
  • Companies that have limited visibility across HR function and risk.
  • Leaders who are questioning how to resource the HR function.
  • CEOs who want to ensure their HR function is aligned to, and set up to deliver on, business objectives.
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