HR Projects

What is it?

We know that sometimes organisations need a helping hand, and that is where our adhoc project support offering comes in. From specialist Employee Relations support with a matter, to culture audits, assistance finding the right talent and everything in between, engaging our project model for a short-term capacity or capability need allows you to focus on your priorities, knowing you are getting the HR support needed.

How does it work?

Our HR Project engagement model looks different for each client, based on their specific needs and current capability.

HR Projects may involve:

  • Terminations or redundancies. Clients will have the benefit of an objective partner to coach them through a risky exit, ensure compliance of process and support them on the ground in meeting with employees.
  • Role clarity and functionality. Organisational Charts and Position Descriptions can be documents on the shelf, or they can be useful, living, breathing tools that are important in setting expectations with employees and providing them the infrastructure to enable them to perform.
  • Engagement and Culture. So much more than an engagement survey, performHR can partner with a survey provider or design bespoke, with the critical deliverable being in the debrief and action plan that falls out of asking the question. Delivering existing HR frameworks, or building new ones.
  • Succession planning and addressing turnover or retention concerns. These require HR to dive deeper into workforce planning, talent strategy and feedback mechanisms.

What’s the benefit?

  • Deliver value-add outcomes within your budget
  • Minimal disruption to business as usual
  • Customised solutions that fit your strategy – no off the shelf
  • Buy solutions as you need them
  • Access to best practice, legislative compliance, industry and market trends

Perfect For:

  • When a Business Leaders feel their culture is poor, or there needs to be better values alignment
  • Executing ‘big ideas’ without impacting decision makers’ time and capacity
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