ManagedHR Support

What is it?

Our performHR Managed Support model is increasingly popular for forward-thinking businesses to get the very best out of their people and deliver their business strategy.

Our world-class HR professionals provide capacity or capability top-ups for your existing HR practitioner or team, or can run your business’s HR function in its entirety! Essentially, you get access to a range of experts without needing to carry the overheads.

Through a mix of on-site and virtual support, we are a visible part of your business, working closely with the decision makers and stakeholders to ensure best-practice HR is evident business-wide.

How does it work?

Our performHR Managed Support model looks different for each client, based on your specific needs and current capability.

We take a seat at the table, immerse ourselves in the goals and objectives of the Leadership Team, and employ a structured change management approach to the transformation of people.

We are visible in your organisation, while some of the transactional HR work can be executed off-site.

For some companies, performHR is accountable for the tactical delivery of HR, which can include:

  • HR administration and management of the employee lifecycle
  • Managing performance within the organisation
  • Delivering existing HR frameworks
  • Building new HR frameworks

What’s the benefit?

  • Access to some of Australia’s leading HR professionals to ensure you get the right advice at the right time.
  • HR delivered in an agile way – you get specialty skill-sets as needed without carrying excessive overheads.
  • Upskill and support your existing HR resources – your team can learn and grow.
  • Working with experts to develop and implement your people strategy builds capability and confidence throughout your leadership team, and helps them deliver the business strategy.

Perfect For:

  • Businesses who want the very best HR practices and processes.
  • Organisations that feel their current HR people aren’t keeping up with change, or aren’t delivering results.
  • Leaders needing to boost their existing HR capability or capacity.
  • Companies who need to refresh existing HR practices and frameworks.
  • Forward-thinking businesses who want to transition to a new world, aligned to values and strategy.
  • When Business Leaders feel their people aren’t keeping up with change
  • To boost existing HR capability or capacity
  • To refresh existing HR practices and frameworks
  • To transition ‘the way we’ve always done things’ to a new world, aligned to values and strategy.
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